Physical Therapy



CPT provides a variety of physical therapy services ranging including Post Op rehabilitation from joint replacements, correction of biomechanical faults, low back pain, sciatica, rotator cuff impingement, balance & fall prevention services.  A referral is not needed for most patients under NY States direct access law for the first ten visits or 30 day period which ever comes first. 


Fitness Assessment


Exercise is a key to health and important in the prevention and management of chronic disease. The Fitness Assessment is appropriate for all fitness levels. Your current fitness level combined with a current and family health history can be used to determine chronic disease risk, improve fitness or maximize performance. The Fitness Assessment will utilize specific, level appropriate standard exercise tests to determine your current fitness level and will be used to predict your chronic disease risk. The results of the fitness assessment can then be utilized to develop a custom exercise program using current research combined with the abilities and goals of the client.

The fitness assessment includes an extensive intake and review of current health and family history, the Fitness Assessment appointment, followed by 2 additional exercise instruction sessions. The first for instruction in the new exercise program and the final follow up to at least 30 days after the start of your program to review your exercises and answer any questions you may have.


Biomechanical Assessment

Functional Movement Screen



For experienced or beginner exercisers or athletes.  Biomechanical imbalances and inefficiencies in movement are inevitable. It is important to identify these inefficiencies in order to prevent a repetitive stress injury or traumatic injury of the musculoskeletal system.  A biomechanical assessment identifies regions of the body susceptible to musculoskeletal injury. A customized program will then be developed, which will include exercises, self-care practices and modifications to minimize the risk of injury related to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Biomechanical assessments are great for anyone wanting to prevent injury, maintain muscle balance, and appropriately train for their body type.

The Biomechanical Assessment Includes:·      *Treadmill gait assessment (walking and running if desired)  Foot typing and sneaker assessment,   Assessment of joint mobility, flexibility, strength and stability by a Doctor of Physical Therapy

·       45 minute evaluation & a 30-minute review of findings and instruction in basic exercises and self-care practices to address imbalances.

The Functional Movement Screen is for high functioning individuals and athletes that is used to identify physical imbalances and/or weaknesses and create a program to correct in order to reduce injury potential and maximize performance.


Quadra Step Orthotic System



CPT uses the Quadrastep Orthotic System to address faulty foot mechanics that could be the root cause of knee, hip, and even back pain. The patented semi custom orthotic system come in 6 varieties to address individual foot types. Our staff conducts a lower extremity biomechanical assessment and gait analysis to determine the specific foot type. To learn more visit,