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CPT Membership Program

We believe that an episode of physical therapy can truly be a catalyst for an individual to take control of their health & wellness.  We want to educate our patients on their biomechanical issues, how to reduce pain, and what is required to correct the issue. But, more importantly, we also strive to educate patients on lifestyle factors that are contributing to their rehab success, and teach the importance of sleep, hydration, food choices, and stress and how they can all greatly impact outcomes.

Our Membership Program is a holistic approach to taking control of your health & wellness.

Memberships offering in 2, 6, and 12 month time frames.

What are covered in the classes?

  • How optimizing nutrition & hydration can enhance healing & recovery

  • Balancing rest, activity, and exercise

  • Posture and the ergonomics of life

  • Effects of stress on healing & recovery and the importance of self-care